WanderSubli FAQ

  • What is WanderSubli? WanderSubli is a non- toxic, VOC free formula to use before sublimating on just about any fabric you'd like. WanderSubli creates a more vibrant, longer lasting sublimation image/design. 
  • Will WanderSubli wash out? While WanderSubli is not 100% permanent, it will extend the life and vibrancy of your garment over many, many washes! We encourage our customers to do a side by side comparison using the same shirt and design, except one with WanderSubli and one without, then do multiple wash tests. You'll definitely see the difference and won't ever go back to regular sublimating!
  • Can WanderSubli be used on 100% cotton? It absolutely can! The end result you can expect is what a 50/50 cotton/polyester shirt would look like if WanderSubli had not been used. This method will be vintage and fade more over time. We must warn you that some of the ink may released during the wash and go into the surrounding WanderSubli'd areas. Proceed at your own risk. This is not an issue with cotton/polyester blends.
  • Is there any fabric WanderSubli can't be used on? In our experience, WanderSubli does not do well on rayon blends or blends with viscose. It tends to leave a dark area around the image that does not wash out. Try to steer clear of triblends for this reason. 
  • Can I use WanderSubli and then bleach the area after? No. WanderSubli is meant to be used after bleaching only.
  • Can WanderSubli be used on shirts that aren't bleached? Absolutely!
  • Will WanderSubli make my shirt stiff? WanderSubli gives the design area a slightly starched feel that goes away after washing. How stiff the area is depends on how heavy it is coated. If you feel it is too stiff try spraying a little less. You will also receive a digital download care card to your email after your purchase. This is care instructions to print and give to your customer that also mentions the slightly starched feel and informs them that it will go away after washing.
  • Does WanderSubli have an odor? Compared to similar products in it's category, WanderSubli is mild. You may detect a mild scent during the steaming and curing process, but it should be faint on your finished garments and completely gone after 24 hours or after the first wash, whichever comes first. Again, if you feel it's strong you may be spraying too heavy.
  • Is WanderSubli non-toxic? Yes! This was the whole reason WanderSubli was created. We wanted to be able to have a product that we knew with confidence we could use on our own shirts and on our customer's orders.
  • Will you release the ingredients? Not at this time. WanderSubli is a proprietary formula that took a lot of time to research, source ingredients, create, and perfect. The FDA only requires ingredient labeling on food, cosmetic, and household products such as cleaners. Additionally, a MSDS is only required if the product contains toxic ingredients. 
  • I've heard of people having scary reactions to stuff like this. Is WanderSubli the same? While we've heard these things too (and it was the reason for creating WanderSubli) we can only speak about WanderSubli on this. There have never been any reported allergies, reactions, or issues with WanderSubli. WanderSubli is completely non-toxic, but toxicity and product sensitivity are two different things. Toxicity is something that would cause long term health issues over time with repeated use. While something that is toxic can absolutely cause an allergic reaction, something that is an allergen isn't necessarily toxic. Take peanuts, cats, citrus, and even some laundry products for example. None of those things are toxic, but each one can cause a reaction in sensitive people. With that, we sourced ingredients that were tested for skin and respiratory sensitivity. Similar to when a cosmetic is labeled as hypoallergenic. When using the product as intended and instructed there were no documented respiratory reactions to any of the ingredients and skin reactions were mild, extremely rare, and only occurred when applied directly to skin. If you are someone who is extremely sensitive, be sure you are in a well ventilated area and that the product is completely cured and dry before wearing. We have MANY customers with a wide variety of allergies and sensitivities that say WanderSubli is the only product in this category that they can use. 
  • I'm having really stubborn scorching. What am I doing wrong? Make absolutely sure you are using at least 5 layers of protection between your upper press platten and the shirt. We recommend these layers, in this order. Blowout paper (plain copy paper works perfect). Parchment paper for any additional blowout that makes it through the copy paper. A Teflon sheet. Two sheets of craft paper or two sheets of butcher paper. If you're using all of that and are still getting stubborn scorching, lower your heat by 5 degrees. Those two things should virtually eliminate scorching, although some brands and colors are worse than others. 
  • Does WanderSubli have a shelf life? Up to 6 months in room temperature away from direct sunlight. 
We are always updating this list with new FAQ's so please check back and also let us know if you have a questions that isn't covered here yet!